Friday, October 31, 2008

October Flies of the Month


A gift from the Kalama shoreline, this fly casts like a dream on a long belly line. Skate it, cast it with shot, tips or even a level wind. This fly hands down catches fish :)!

Mother of All Leeches (MOAL)

This fly has succeeded in ruining my life. Although steelhead will take just about anything when they are in the right mood, I believe from hours upon hours of research that MOALs with take stupid hatchery fish when they won’t take traditional flies. Derek Fergus, a local fly tier from Salem Oregon designed this fly. He uses coneheads to help weigh down the bunny on them because of they buoyancy. I have found that fishing them without a cone can be beneficial when fishing pocket water and rock gardens in the summer. Overall it is a great summer and winter fly and the off set SSW/Octopus hooks stick.

Steelhead Coachman

This is a variation of a traditional hairwing. It is a great fly in the summer because it mimics baitfish, stoneflies, October caddis and whatever a steelhead wants to eat at that time. I tie them with yellow, orange and purple to add a little more color. Fished on a dry line or tips, it gets the job done. It is also a simple tie and has a classy look to it. From what I hear from the old timers, classy flies work the best anyway.

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