Saturday, August 30, 2008

Slaying a Hog with AEG

When one of your Filipino brothers is getting married, it is customary to partay and eat and drink until you pass hell out. In oder to kick off this weekend right, Jay and I decided that the boys should roast a Hogito Filipino style. Six hours of spinning went by quickly with this crew. Beers, rainbows, eats, tunes and some good buddies made this some good times!

Fire, fire, fire, fire!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to get the pit as hot as hades.

Taste like chicken? I hope not!

Drinkng some Mad River Brew Steelhead Ale at 8am, catching a few fish and turning a pig all day is a lot of work.

Owens hard at work literally on the phone, fishing and well that beer cup is half empty.

Owens taking his turn spinning the hog.

It's all over now brother. Thanks for eating all those donuts!

Nate Dog and Jay finishing off the kill! Tastes a lot better then chicken too.

Oh and the wedding went well also.



That's is too much fun! Mike
Enjoy the post!

Just call me Gamby said...

although I am not filipino, I love me some pig, and I love me some filipinos...

we need to hook up!


Finspot said...

Another visitor from Buster, saying that's some good looking pig. Been a while since I roasted one whole--like nearly 20 years. We used to incorporate a mud pit into the deal and some psychoactive fungi for extra primal pig-eating. Very good action!