Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bacon Salt

There are many levels of awesome in this world, and this is definitely towards the top. Bringing two of the most fundamental aspects of a steelheaders diet together was brilliant. You need a dry brine for smoking fish, a dash for a riverside sandwich, a topping for that fufu healthy bag of popcorn, seasoning for those campside egg and steelhead omelette, you name it, you got it. This stuff is awesome!

Bacon Seeds, now I'm gonna quit chewing.


Check out Bacon Salt and their products. You can find them at Costco. Proceeds go to a couple of steelheaders and benefits go to the thickening of your blood vessels. Damn, this stuff is even kosher!


FlySwinger said...

Tasty post. Just got to writing about mixing bacon into peanut butter for a delectable, high-calorie snack. Cured strips of heavenly afterlife, really. Can't wait to find those sunflower seeds. This is all good fodder for "High on the Hog," my upcoming chronicles of living with bacon addiction.

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